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Brand: Ealingtoys
Age: 2 Year Olds to Up
Gender: Unisex
Material: Wooden
Color: Multicolor

NATURAL MATERIAL: Be of this set is made of density board, which has the characteristics of impact resistance, high strength as well as uniform density, making it a good material for application in wooden toys.

GREAT EDUCATIONAL KIT: Bright colors are good for visual development and helpful for enhancing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, observation, imagination, problem-solving skills, and even more.

HOME LEARNING ACTIVITY: It provides them with hours of entertainment time every day to explore the fun of the STEM nesting block game.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great toddler preschool puzzle!

I purchased 2 of these for young nephews, one aged 18 months, the other nearly 3. They both enjoy it immensely, but of course play differently. The little one is mainly interested in playing with the separate pieces as animals, not interested in putting them together as a puzzle. The 3 year old also loves it and is beginning to recognize letters and is making an effort to put the pieces together. A toy that can keep a child's interest as they grow is always a good value and a good gift.

M. Ricketts
High Quality puzzle

Very high quality puzzle. The pieces are smooth wood (no splintering). They’re sturdy and big enough that they can be played with individually almost like small blocks. I will say that it’s not obvious how they fit together. My 4 year old cant do this by himself.

Fun animal puzzle

Adorable puzzle for kids and the adults here had to try it too. It was a little challenging, but we figured out you pick capital letters or lowercase letters on the animals. They have capital letters on 1 side and lowercase on the other. They fit together with all capitals or all lowercase. Each animal piece varies in size.Our toddler likes to hold each animal and make the noise the animal makes. Right now she prefers to take the puzzle apart after we put it together to put it away. We find animals from this puzzle in random places, like a dolphin in the cupboard or an elephant in the pantry. It arrived on time in a tall skinny box with ample cushioning.

Hours of Fun

Very bright, fun, interactive puzzle. The pieces are fun to put together and to stack. My child loves these puzzles.I will store them in a tub so the pieces don’t get lost amount my child’s other toys.

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