The way we parents build our relationship with our children is the way it builds our lives. When kids are playing, parents serve as the leading guide to impulse and lead them. Plus, toys can be the bridge that links children to their parents. Providing wonderful toys for kids and playing with them give them the best start for their joyful childhood and early education.

With great care and love, our mission is to help parents witness the growth of their children and share intimate companionships with their children when enjoying wonderful toys!

For Kids

  • Arouse passion and enjoyment

Toys with different designs greatly attract kid's attention. Various types of toys fulfill kids's excitement and curiosity toward different items and help them arouse passion and get cheered up.

  • Build social interaction and intimacy  

Engaging kids with their parents and peers, toys help develop kids' social skills and build closer interaction and intimacy with others. Playing with children delivers a message that parents enjoy having fun with them, which helps maintain a firm connection between children and parents.

  • Cultivate persistence and tenacity

Playing toys such as board games may inevitably meet defeats or failures. But games provide opportunities to give their ideas or thoughts a try, they can absorb from the outcomes and improve themselves through every try. Feel free to let them brainstorm and try out their ideas!

  •  Build up confidence and self-esteem 

Children thrive when they can enjoy a sense of mastery over something challenging. When they complete the games or reach their goals, their confidence and self-esteem are highly enhanced. 

  • Promote imagination and creativity 

Playing toys has been connected to the development of brains, and the diverse combinations of toys contribute to stimulating their imagination and creative mind. For example, the magnetic rods and balls toys help inspire their creativity and inventiveness.

  • Enhance practical skill  

Through playing with curiosity, kids get to discover their interests, talents, and skills. Additionally, playing with various toys helps shape curiosity into actual skill. For instance, playing building block games helps develop their hand-eye coordination, observation, and spatial visualization skill.


Our products

  • Love and care

Ealing sincerely cherishes and values every child and parent, so we try our best to meet your desire. With great care and love, we are dedicated to offering considerate service and wonderful products for our dear customers.

  • Abundant types of toys

To meet the demands of different kids or families, we are determined to providing diverse types of products not limited to toys, you can use the filter to trace your desired products. And we are still expanding more interesting products, look forward to it!

  • High-quality materials 

 Most of our products are made of child-friendly and harmless ABS materials, which are durable and strong. High-quality materials with smooth surfaces and edges safely guard your children. Just enjoy the games!



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