Toys are cluttering everywhere in the playroom or bedroom? Tired of picking up toys again and again? Worried about getting out of space to store toys? It is quite annoying to see this messy scene. 

Wouldn't it be better to have some handy storage solutions for organizing toys? In this guide, I will list some organizing tips according to different types of toys, such as stuffed animals, small blocks, or puzzle pieces. What's more, you can also learn about tips to train kids tidying up toys at the end of this blog!

Block Pieces

Like playing with building bricks and blocks? Apart from their educational function, small block pieces can be a huge challenge to collect and organize, because of their tiny parts and numerous pieces. If they are cluttered on the ground, it costs us a great time to pick them all up. Luckily, there are some helpful baskets to help us collect the blocks.

Low-level Storage Shelf low level storage shelf

Why not set up a low-level storage shelf for your little kiddos? On the one hand, a storage shelf can save you a lot of space with more container boxes provided. On the other hand, a reachable low-level storage shelf is more convenient for kids, which gives them a chance to store and organize toys by themselves. Directly seeing what's in the box, there is no need to dig hard to the bottom of the toy boxes to find the toys they want!

Tips: Labels 

Having troubling sorting out and finding wanted toys quickly? There is a simple step that can help you out. First, sort and classify toys according to their types or sizes. Second, prepare some blank notes or stickers, write down pictures or words that represent the type of toys with your kids. Lastly, stick them to the targeted box. This can spare you much effort in finding toys!


Stuffed Animals

Wanting to place your lovely and cute plush toys animals somewhere other than standard shelf or the basket? Kids now have a chance to build a lovely presenting place for their stuffed animal toys. 

Indoor Playing Tent 

indoor playing tentProviding a free and imaginative playing space for kids, this tent can be a warm room for kids to store their loving stuffed animals. Also, they can use their creativity and imagination to decorate their little tent world. Different themes and colors are available.

Hanging Bag/ Wire Baskethammock for toys

Apart from lying on the ground, fluffy toys have better places to shelter themselves -- the hanging bag. Making good use of the corner room of your house, the hammock is a great way to pace stuffed toys while decorating your warm home.


Board Game

Hanging Board Game Shelf

Getting a lot of family board games but not knowing how to organize them? Now we get an easy storage way that can help you organize them effortlessly and save you a lot of space. Simply place the board game toys on the fabric shelf, you can win your neat and tidy playroom back.


Bath Toys

Hollow Basket/ Mesh Laundry Bagmesh bag for toys

Bath toys are moist and wet in water tubs or pools, if they aren't timely cleaned and disinfected or properly placed, they can cause mold or other terrible bacteria. Do you know how to wash bath toys? Learn more! As for the storage way, a simple hollow basket or mesh laundry bag can be helpful. Placing your kids' bath toys in some hollow containers can help them get rid of water and soap. 



Pencil Case

Getting puzzle pieces missing that destroy your game experience? A simple fabric pencil case can save you a lot of effort. You can store all the puzzles pieces in the pencil case to avoid misplacement. 


Simple Game to Encourage Kids Cleaning Up

Tired of asking kids to clean up their toys again and again? There is a bell game to inspire them to clean up quickly. All you need is just a metal bell, a three minutes song as well as some awards and punishments. 

First, five minutes before the cleanup, you announce to your kids that it's almost time to tidy up and remind them to care for the time. When the cleanup time comes, just ring the bell and challenge them to get everything orderly within the singing time, at the end of the song ring the bell again to remind them time's up. If they finish cleaning up before the song ends, they can win rewards, but if they cannot finish the cleaning, they get punished. 

The next time you can ask them whether they want to ring the bell themselves, because they definitely want to. After a week, skip the song and just ring the bell. Soon, your kids will start to ring the bell and clean up on their own willingly!game to encourage kids clean up

Training kids to organize and sort their toys orderly helps develop their sanitary and classification sense, following the tips listed can save you from picking toys pieces again and again. Apart from sorting toys, it is also important to timely clean and disinfect your toys, not knowing how to wash toys? Let us help you!

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