This is why people enjoy wooden toys

Play is the life of a child, and there is no doubt that toys play an important role in the development of the child. As a parent, helping your child choose the right toy is just as important as the safety of the toy and its suitability for your baby's age and intellectual development needs. 

Some people think that wooden toys are a bit older school than the other modern toys available today, but in fact, according to the recent research, wooden toys are much better than plastic toys. Wooden toys can arouse children's interest in handicrafts and stimulate their sense of meaningful combinations and spatial imagination. The clever design of wooden toys can also train children's walking ability and promote a sense of creative accomplishment.

The advantages of wooden toys 

They are safe

Most of the raw materials for wooden toys are safe compared to other toys, have fewer chemicals and environmentally friendly. When you want to buy a toy, whether it's for your child or as a gift to someone else's child, you may be concerned about the safety of the toys. However, the easy peeling of small parts can lead to choking, and sharp plastic parts can cause injury if the toy breaks for any reason. In terms of material, wooden toys are generally well made, with few parts that are fragile for children and even hard for adults to break. For this reason, wooden toys are a safer choice for children, especially children under the age of five. When it comes to the environment, wooden toys are a great way to protect our environment, less contaminants and safer material. So why not reduce, reuse and recycle? By purchasing wooden toys made from sustainable and certified wood, we are making a small contribution to reducing plastic waste. Many wooden toys can be purchased second-hand and sterilized, so the material can be reused. Also, because the toys are made of natural materials, they can be easily recycled if they are commonly used in later generations.


They encourage creative play

The toy market is full of flashing lights, bright colors, screens, and loud sounds. While these features provide immediate satisfaction to young children, they also tend to end problem-solving and imaginative play. Wooden toys tend to be simple, so they support cognitive milestones in ways that flashy toys can't. For example, in about 9 months, the baby will begin to understand the cause and effect more clearly. Knocking on the floor makes a sound, and dropping it disappears from view. Wooden toys like building blocks and simple puzzles summarize this concept. "When I do something, something else happens." Wooden toys also provide a beautiful, tactile, open "blank canvas" that kids can put in. He can explore at his own pace and on his own terms. Added bells and whistles that can instantly make other toys more attractive tend to limit and guide children's play with them.


They inspire kids

Wooden toys are perfect for creating a new world from scratch. Building blocks and other wooden toys can be transformed into what the child wants and can follow the child's development, from simple symbolic play to complex and imaginative play. Whether children build a city, drive a wooden car, or build a railroad line that runs from room to room, children are free to build, invent, and build their fast-growing imaginations.


They last longer

Kids are likely to throw a toy out of a stroller, highchair, crib, or sofa, which makes the toy spin easily, so it's best to have a toy that can withstand even the slightest damage. Even though plastic toys are made of durable materials, they can break or malfunction if they contain mechanical elements. Wooden toys can withstand the intense play of children, because they are made of strong materials. This is one of the reasons why wooden toys are most commonly donated, given and inherited. They are not indestructible, but as long as you take care of them, they are durable. Safety is an important aspect of choosing a toy: which one will last longer and stay safe in old age? Wood is one of the safest materials nature offers to babies and children.


They are easy to customize as a child grows older

It’s acknowledged that toys grow almost as fast as a child grows. The wooden toys can be bleached, repainted and varnished without compromising the quality or structure of the material, so they can be tailored to the child's age and interests.

Are you suddenly crazy about unicorns? With a wooden horn and a rainbow-colored touch, your child's locking hose can easily be turned into your own unicorn. Instead of buying a brand new toy, you can customize and reinvent your existing toys.

The same applies to classic wooden blocks. Colorful blocks help very young children develop their imagination and creativity, but as they get older, they can repaint the blocks like red bricks and concrete blocks, giving them their real city in the bedroom.


Some kinds of wooden toys

The main function of wooden toys is to allow children to improve hand and foot coordination, hand-eye coordination and other physical functions, and toys are one of the best training tools. For example, children will use a box of blocks to build out graphics, in addition to the use of the mind, but also their hands. Therefore, toys have a great benefit for children's muscle activity and the development of physical function. The following are the different categories of wooden toys.

1. Push Toy

Push toys are the best toys for physical development because they encourage movement in some way. For example, you can let your baby play with a small push toy during tummy time. Your child will learn to move weight as they reach for the toy and use both the lower and upper limbs to push the toy.

This Is Why People Enjoy Wooden Toys

2. Pretend Play Toys

What is pretend play? Pretend play is one of the most popular games for young children. They use objects, actions, or ideas to represent other objects, actions, or ideas using their imaginations to assign roles to inanimate objects or people. In pretend play, children act in different roles with different identities, and different expressions, such as various languages, actions and images, etc. These different roles are the initial experience of children's future social role identity. It is an important part of early childhood education for children to learn to interact and be good at interacting, and role-play is a game activity to cultivate children to develop correct interaction behavior. Children imitate adults' words and behaviors in the game and experience adults' feelings. This initial experience will have a profound meaning for children to assume their real roles in the future society.

This Is Why People Enjoy Wooden Toys

3. Building Blocks

Wooden blocks are great for kids because they help kids learn skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and even the basic laws of physics while having a good time! While playing, your child will go unnoticed and learn about spatial relationships and gravity. Besides, wooden blocks promote imagination and creativity as the child plans what to build and solves problems while discovering what works and what doesn't. Children and adults are proud to see what they can make. Building blocks are also fun for adults to play with children, as they offer endless possibilities. Building blocks are also great for teaching social skills as they are one of the first toys that kids can share and make together.

This Is Why People Enjoy Wooden Toys

4. Vehicle Toys

Toy cars improve a child's fine motor skills, which are physical movements such as gripping, pushing, pulling, bending, balancing and adjusting. Vehicle toys make it easier for children to develop their coarse and fine motor skills while playing. Basically, children learn by moving things. They see the toy roll slowly or fast and learn to put enough pressure to control the direction and speed of the toy's car. This early lesson teaches children about their own strengths. Playing with toy cars and push cars helps to strengthen the social, physical and emotional development of the child.

This Is Why People Enjoy Wooden Toys

5. Puzzle
The puzzle consists of various kinds of different forms and rich content of the puzzle board. Based on children's knowledge of combining, disassembling and recombining shapes, they can exercise their ability to think independently while cultivating their patience and perseverance.

This Is Why People Enjoy Wooden Toys

The toys and games are meant for the kids to entertain all the time and toys have a great role in childhood. When your kids have effective toys then they will spend their time in play and will never annoy you. Come to find more toys that you could enjoy with your kids,

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