Is playing with kids worthless?

I believe all of us are working hard every day to provide for our kids, and we still squeeze time to play with kids, here comes the question, is that playtime worthwhile? We are so overwhelmed by daily works, business routines, or other trivial matters, all of us must have that question in mind.

To answer that questions, let’s see what will happen if we do not spend time with our kids.

What will happen if we don't spend time with kids?

Strained Relationship or Intimate Interaction

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Think about your or your friends' relationships between parents or families, do you feel close and beloved or awkward and uncomfortable? Do you share your feelings with your parents? Can you count on them when you encounter problems? I've seen grown-ups that do not share a close relationship with their parents, which leads to awkward feelings at family gatherings and forced phone calls on holidays. Playtime with kids actually provides a great chance to get to know your kids. 

Screaming Crazily or Thinking Calmly

Screaming Crazily or Thinking CalmlyKids easily lose temper without proper guidance, they instinctively extend their temper on things that irritate them, because they don't know how to manage emotion when dealing with failures or troubles.

Playing with kids is a perfect occasion to observe them and show them how to control their negative feelings. Through experiencing the victories or failures in games, we teach them to be calm and patient to think deeper, which helps them cultivate resiliency and persistence. With resiliency, they become more confident to solve problems and interact socially, even deal with stress in schools or lives in the future. 

Losing Controls or Getting Direction

Losing Controls or Getting Direction

Do your kids come to you when they encounter problems? If you feel annoyed about this and leave them with their peer friends, you may consider losing your influence on them. Kids losing faith in you and turn to their peers who are relatively narrow-minded can damage your relationship and kids' development. Actually, parents and families are kids' greatest supporters in their minds, they naturally have trust and faith in you, and simple playtime and guidance help you maintain their belief in you. It is much effective to use the time we have now with kids to build mutual trust, which is also beneficial for later education and instruction.


Tips to have a fun time with kids 

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This is never the relationship you want to share with your kids, a negative and intense relation could cost a lot more than a few simple playtime. So why not grab the chance we have now to help and teach your kids? Having fun with your kids can be an easy thing with the following tips! 

Arrange Time for Kids

Take the playing time seriously and schedule a certain time every day to play with your kids. Setting time aside for kids allows them to feel valued and loved.

 Having Fun with Educational Games 

During kids' development, they need three types of play to cultivate their minds and skills, creative play, pretend play, and constructive play.



Creative play provides kids a free space to create and imagine, and parents can get involved to lead them. Apart from the free involvement, the creations can be kept for a long time to admire and appreciate, as well as allows us to discuss the memory shared together. Great creative toys examples include photography, erasable artboard, crafts, and other art projects.


PRETEND PLAYafternoon teaset

Children develop their senses and cognition through learning and imitating the adults around them and acting out when they are playing pretend games. They can get to know and experience all kinds of careers or works through playing pretend games. For baby dolls, they pretend to be parents and feel the love and care for babies. For kitchen pretend games, they get to experience cooking and recognize food. Pretend play can arouse kids' interests in the world and help promote the interaction between kids and families.



Cultivating creativity and imagination, constructive play provides a limitless room to build freely with blocks and tiles. Different from art creative games, constructive play can be pulled down and rebuilt, and kids can have fun with their parents in the process. Under the guidance of parents, they learn to build car tracks and garages


Simple Housework Can Help

Engaging kids in your daily housework arrangement may have your schedules delayed for a while, but it is worth trying for encouraging them to interact with you and learn to do housework. Sometimes arranging a little game with rewards and punishments can also engage you with kids, for example, a little game to excite kids tidying up toys, or doing laundry work.simple housework can helpChildren are great explorers, their endless curiosity makes them more likely to try out new ideas, meanwhile, parents with abundant knowledge and experience can help them to make the best decision. It is a perfect opportunity for us to build credibility and trust through playing. Apart from making time for kids, we should also remember to praise and applaud them more often to help them build confidence and self-esteem. Just a little step to stop our kids from struggling for validation!


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